Can You Put Ice in Hydration Pack? (Do’s and Donts) 

Can You Put Ice in Hydration Pack

We become very much thirsty during camping. So, a hydration pack is a must! However, when scorching heat and heat waves are freaking us out, imagine drinking from your hydration pack, of course, a warm drink! Sounds very frustrating, right? 

The question is, how can we make it cold? Is putting ice allowed? Stay tuned to find all your answers and more! 

Can You Put Ice in Hydration Pack? Know the Answer

Yes, you can put ice in your hydration pack. You should make it easier for us. Most hydration packs are made with fixed insulation, allowing the hydration pack to stay cold for a long time. However, if you want cold hydration for a longer time, you could consider having extra insulation and ICE CUBES! 

In addition, do not forget to wrap the tube to avoid some warm sips in the beginning! 

I am sure you have more questions and confusion! Do not worry, my friend! I am here to help and answer all your questions. Thus, keep reading! 

How Long Does Water Stay Cold in Hydration Pack? 

There is no exact right or wrong answer. It usually depends on the temperature of the water. In general, it is expected that the water stays cold for about 3 to 5 hours depending on water temperature and the hydration pack condition and type. 

Are the Hydration Packs a Must? 

If you are going to a department store near your home, then I believe you do not need it. What I mean to say is that hydration packs are specially designed for long journeys/camping.

See, when we go camping, it becomes very difficult to take water out of the bag repeatedly. But then again, when we are camping, we must stay hydrated because walking for a long time, especially on hot days, can cause dehydration which is a big No for our health. 

Hydration packs allow you to drink water without these hassles and provide an easy drinking water process, ensuring that you are deprived of the much-needed hydration. Thus, when you are out camping, hydration packs are a must! 

How Much Water is Needed When I am out Camping? 

First, pay attention to your water intake. If you are someone whose water intake is high and likes to drink water frequently, then you need more water consumption than the average rate. 

Second, it is also directly connected to how long you are going out. If you are going out for a long time and are involved in strenuous activity, then take more water than your usual consumption.  

How Do I Keep My Hydration Pack Cold? 

Keeping a hydration pack is not a challenge, but it surely requires some precautions or steps to follow. However, before I tell you the steps or process, please note that none of the steps will keep your water cold forever. 

After a certain period (depending on the method you follow), all your effects will wear out. However, I am here to tell you how to get the maximum result with the minimum effort.

1. Ice Cubes

Adding ice cubes to your hydration pack is the easiest and most cost-effective thing to do when you are trying to find ways to cool your water in the hydration pack. Put the ice cubes in the refrigerator beforehand, and then use the ice cubes in your hydration pack just when you are going out. 

2. Insulation

If you are not paying proper attention to your insulation process, I am sorry, but your water will not stay cold for a long time. Buy a hydration pack with fixed insulation to save money and effort. Win-win step for you! 

3. Freezer 

Before going out, put your hydration pack in the freezer. It will cool your pack and tube to maximize the cooling effect, ensuring you get the ‘Antarctica’ kind of cold water! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can You Put Ice in a Camelbak?

Answer: Yes. In addition, you can use cold water directly in your refrigerator hydration pack because it will give you more benefits very easily. 

Can You Put a Hydration Pack in the Freezer?

Answer: Yes, you can. The best thing would be to remove all the water from the pack and then take the initiative to dry it. Because otherwise, it might become the home of bacteria or germs!    

Why Does My Water From the Hydration Pack Tastes Like Plastic?

Answer: It could result from drinking surface water from plastic pipes. To avoid your water tasting like this, consider mixing baking soda with lime water and putting it in the pack for some time. After that, rinse your pack from top to bottom, leaving no trace of baking soda and lime water mixture. 

How Often Should I Clean My Water Bladder?

Answer: After every use. But do not panic. I will not ask you to work so hard every time. You can just rinse your water bladder off after every single use. However, it is recommended that you deep clean it two times a month. 

Is a Hydration Pack Good for Hiking?

Answer: No. One should always consume fresh water. Hydration pack water does not provide us with the kind of water most wanted for our body. However, as you all know, ‘Something is better than nothing. Thus, it is better to stay hydrated; that is where hydration packs come in to save us from dehydration when hiking. 


To sum it up, a hydration pack is indeed a very necessary item when you are thinking of going hiking. In addition, if the hiking takes place in the summertime, only water is not enough. We crave cold water, and you can, of course, put ice in your hydration pack. 

You must wrap the tube to cool the water properly. How long your water will stay cold usually depends on the water’s temperature. It usually varies from 3 to 5 hours. 

Hydration packs are very much needed when hiking; however, how much water you should take depends on your water intake. 

To make the hydration pack cool, consider these three steps: 

  • Ice cubes
  • Insulation
  • Freezer

If you pay attention to my guidelines (mentioned above), you can hope to drink chilled water when you go hiking. 

Enjoy your hiking, and most importantly, stay hydrated! 

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