Does Chlorine Kill Ticks? (Mystery Solved!)

Does Chlorine Kill Ticks

I have always loved swimming. However, all the precious things come with a cost. Swimming pools are filled with chlorinated water so that it stays germs or bacteria-free.

However, even if you go for an excellent swimming session, you might find yourself with ticks crawling on your body!  I have witnessed such a thing, have you?  

Well, if you have also faced such a situation then this article is only for you! 

Does Chlorine Kill Ticks? 

The simple answer is NO, chlorine does not kill ticks. The amount of chlorine needed to kill ticks makes swimming pools unsuitable for use. 

Most of us, tend to use chlorine as a disinfectant. In general, we use chlorinated water in swimming pools because it kills germs. However, when it comes to ticks the game rules changes. 

First of all, you cannot use a high amount of chlorinated water in a swimming pool treatment because then it becomes hazardous for our health. 

Second of all, although chorine is known as acid. However, it is not as strong as we thought it is especially when it comes to killing ticks. 

Then how can we get rid of ticks? Well, stay tuned some amazing ticking factors are waving at you! 

What Do Ticks Do in the Swimming Pool? 

The tiny but vicious creatures known as ticks do not know how to swim. However, they are not helpless, they have their own lifelines.

Thus, even if you plan to drown them in the pool water and kill them, they will not die and live just fine. They tend to float across the pool water. Ticks can stay alive in the pool water for about two to three days. 

Can Swimming Help Me to Get Rid of Ticks? 

Well, swimming does not kill ticks. However, it does not mean that swimming does not have benefits. 

Although swimming will not give you direct benefits. However, swimming can help you with washing off ticks. If there are ticks sticking to your skin, the ticks will likely be washed off during your swimming time. 

Does Hot Water Kill Ticks? 

Ticks can survive without food for a long time this one sentence can prove the fact that ticks are difficult to kill. 

However, there is always a weakness and in this case, it is hot water. Yes, you read it right! Ticks can survive in chlorinated water but not in hot water. However, there is a condition and that is the water has to be very hot which means a little hot or mildly hot water is not enough to kill ticks. 

The recommended temperature for killing ticks is over 130 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Is Hot Tub a Good Idea for Killing Ticks? 

You must be thinking if hot water kills ticks then how about taking a hot shower to be done with both killing ticks and having a shower. That would be a big, NO! Because, as previously mentioned you need a recommended temperature to kill ticks and that temperature is definitely to have a shower. 

If you pick 130 degrees Fahrenheit to have a hot tub shower, then my friend your precious skin will be burned, and trust me you do not want to kill ticks at the cost of your skin! 

So, a hot tub is a big no to killing ticks. 

How Can I Stay Away from Ticks? 

Cedar Oil: You can spray cedar oil on your clothes and body, it will work as a shield for you. 

A mixture of Essential Oils: You can create your shield against ticks with a few essential oils such as jojoba oil, tea tree oil, almond oil, etc. However, be careful of the fact that you are using them in an adequate portion. 

Eucalyptus Oil: Eucalyptus oil spray will also work as a great way to get rid of and keep the ticks away because it has a very strong smell.  

Neem Oil: Neem has a lot of benefits as we all know. It also works as a great natural remedy and removes ticks from our skin upon spraying. However, be sure to mix some other oils with it. 

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar works great if you spray it with neem and water to create a more effective mixture. After creating the mixture, you can spray it just like other essential oil mixtures and repellents. 

Please note that the best way to save yourself from ticks is to stay away from them. 

What If Ticks Are Sticking to My Body? 

If you see that ticks are already sticking to your body, then please do not worry. Do not kill the ticks while they are already on your skin because that way you will be putting yourself in danger by creating a chance for you to be infected. 

Then what can you do? 

Grab a tweezer and remove the tick very carefully from your skin. After that, clean the area to avoid the remaining chances of infection. Make sure to clean the area using soap/disinfect spray or antibiotic ointment. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What instantly kills ticks?

Answer: Rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol can kill the ticks instantly and for that, it is better if you throw the tick in a bottle of alcohol. 

What do ticks hate?

Answer: Smell of essential oils. In addition, you can use the smell of lemon, and orange and mix them with many essential oils for a better result.  

How long can ticks live in a house? 

Answer: In general, 24 hours. However, if you put them in a moist and damp place then they can survive up to 3 days. 

Can ticks crawl inside you?

Answer: Yes, they can. The ticks tend to crawl inside the humans or animals and search for a suitable place for them to get attached. 

Can ticks multiply in a house?

Answer: Yes. The ticks can reproduce in a home. Thus, it is better if we stay cautious from the very beginning because as they say, prevention is better than cure.   


I do understand the fact that sometimes it must be tiring to fight away all ticks and you must be looking for easy and accessible options. However, chlorinated water is not that option because the concentration level is not that high, thus, it does not kill ticks. 

Please remember

  • Swimming can help you with washing off ticks
  • Hot water can kill ticks
  • Killing ticks in a hot tub is a big No 

If you want to keep ticks away, then use- 

  • Cedar Oil
  • Mixture of essential oils
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Neem oil
  • Apple cider vinegar 

 Do not kill the ticks if they are already attached to your skin. Remove them carefully with a tweezer first and then wash off the area. 

Follow the above guidelines and live a tick-free safe swimming time! 

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