Space Blanket Under Sleeping Bag (Will It Help You Stay Warm?)

Space Blanket Under Sleeping Bag (Will It Help You Stay Warm?)

Camping is fun, but sleeping outdoors deep in the woods can get a little chili sometimes. So, it’s best to try and utilize every tool you have. One of those tools is a space blanket or an emergency blanket. Its best known for its reflecting capabilities both with warmth and cold. 

So, you must’ve thought about using your space blanket to somehow block the cold from reaching you. Maybe put it under your sleeping bag? Will that do any good? Will a space blanket under your sleeping bag help you stay warmer? In this article, you’ll find out! 

Will A Space Blanket Under Your Sleeping Bag Help You Stay Warm? 

A space blanket under your sleeping bag will help you stay warm. The space blanket is a great reflector of heat. And when you put it underneath your sleeping bag, the space blanket blocks the heat and reflects it back up to you. 

While a space blanket doesn’t give much R-value, it can still help you save up a lot of heat. If the night is too cold, having something like a space blanket can help you out a ton. 

How To Use A Space Blanket Under Sleeping Bag To Stay Warm? 

Space blankets can be a real-life saver during cold nights. But just like any of your other camping gear, it’s important to know how to use your space blanket properly. And when it comes to the under-the-sleeping bag trick, many people get it wrong. 

I’ve seen people complaining about how the space blanket didn’t warm them up like a heater would do. The answer to that is it’s not supposed to! A space blanket is not a heat generator. But only a heat reflector.  

So, the cold won’t completely disappear. If you were to try the trick out, you would notice a difference in heat. But to get maximum results, try these things out: 

  • Don’t sleep naked. 
  • Make sure not to sleep without feet covered. 
  • Try to curve the space blanket around from the bottom like a burrito. 
  • See many tutorials on the space blanket under the sleeping bag trick. 

What To Know About A Space Blanket While Camping; 

Space blankets are often either overestimated or underestimated. In my experience, space blankets are excellent at what they’re supposed to. It’s just about understanding their purpose. You’ll love them if you know and get what they can do! 

Space blankets have another name, ’emergency blankets’. And that’s for a reason. Mainly space blankets are supposed to be used when the night gets a little too chili. One of the most common ways to use a space blanket is to use it like a wind blocker because of its reflecting capabilities. 

Some like to have them on top of their sleeping bags. Some like to use them, especially for the rainy seasons. Space blankets are waterproof, so you could shed rainwater or make your own DIY roof with them. It’s also great for blocking off the sun. 

Altogether, a space blanket is a multipurpose piece of little tool. It’s a little fragile, too, so be careful not to ruin it. To get the most out of your space blanket, make sure you understand it first. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How Do You Use A Space Blanket With A Sleeping Bag? 

Ans: You can put a space blanket under your sleeping bag to reflect the heat back up to your body. You can also use a sleeping bag like a blanket, tho it might not be too comfortable. 

Q. Will Space Blanket Keep You Warm? 

Ans: Yes, a space blanket will help you stay warm.  

Q. How Much Body Heat Does A Space Blanket Retain?

Ans: Space blankets are known to be able to retain almost 90% of your body heat. 

Q. Are Space Blankets Noisy? 

Ans: Yes, space blankets are known to be noisy. Especially the Mylar. 

Q. Can I Use A Space Blanket To Block Off Rain?

Ans: Yes! Space blankets are great to shelter from the rain. 


A space blanket under a sleeping bag can help you live out a frosty night a little better. But it’s important to know how to use it properly! 

At the end of the day, it’s a tool that needs to be used right. If you can use it right, you’ll get great results! Until next time, happy camping!