Stacking Firewood on Pallets (TIPS & TRICKS)

Stacking Firewood on Pallets (1)

I have always wondered why I need to stack the firewood on pallets when I can stack them on the ground. I got my answer when I experienced the difference between the pallets and the ground. Today through this article, I will solve the mystery for you guys! 

So, even if you are also confused about where you need to stack your firewood on pallets or ground, please stay tuned! 

Stacking Firewood on Pallets (Do it this way)

Stacking firewood is necessary when it comes to seasoning or drying your firewood properly. It is very effective because when you dry your firewood on the ground, it maintains a close connection with the moisture.

Thus, making the firewood difficult to dry. However, when you use a pallet, the firewood stays above the ground and ensures an effective airflow through many sides of the stack, which as a result, helps the firewood to season fast and effectively. 

Although stacking firewood on pallets is a very easy, reasonable, and effective process, however, there are many things that you need to pay attention to avoid any mishaps. Let us get into the realm of firewood and pallets! 

How to Save Your Firewood from Insects? 

When we want the perfect firewood to burn, we try to find the firewood without holes or make it a home for insects or pests. 

Many pets love to especially create a home for themselves in the firewood. Therefore, it creates an extra hassle for us. You can save your firewood from mice, insects, and many other kinds of pets just by elevating it from the ground, which is why using a pallet is the best idea for stacking your firewood. 

Which Pallet to Choose When It Comes to Stacking Firewood?

The first and foremost reason we use pallets for stacking is that it ensures effective seasoning at a very reasonable price. Having said this, one must pay attention to the budget when they are going to buy pallets. Thus, try to buy a pallet at a very reasonable price. 

The pallet size also matters. Because if you buy a bigger pallet, you can easily stack more firewood. It might cost you a little extra but trust me, it is worth the money! 

Pallets are usually made of wood. However, there are many kinds of woods, and not all the wood conditions are the same. Therefore, you must check if the pallet is in good condition or strong enough for your firewood. 

How to Set Up the Pallets? 

Setting up the firewood in a perfect manner is very important. Because if you set up the firewood by not paying attention to the do’s and don’ts, then there is no point in setting up a pallet. So, I will tell you some tips and tricks for setting up firewood perfectly. 


When I talk about height, you have to think about your height too (kidding)! Your height has nothing to do with the pallet. However, the height or the distance between the ground and the pallet is very important. 

The pallet must be set up high. However, it should not be so high that you need a ladder to stack the firewood. It is recommended that you do not set up a pallet that exceeds 4 feet.  


It is a common confusion as that how many rows one should make while stacking up the firewood. If you make it one row, then it will look too heavy. In addition, the sunlight will not be able to penetrate as easily as it could penetrate if there were more rows. 

Then how many rows should you go for? The answer is two to three. In addition, if you are making three rows, then ensure that the middle row is placed higher than the other two rows. 


If you want your firewood not to fall over and save it from the kids, it is better if you cover it. However, then it will not get enough sunlight. 

The perfect solution is that you use Plastic Wrap. Because plastic wrap will ensure proper sunlight and it is very cost-effective too.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should You Stack Firewood Bark Side Up or Down?

Answer: Bark side up. However, this remark has a lot of arguments connected to it. However, it is believed that if you place bark side up, it will help you get rid of moisture or water very easily. 

Does Firewood Dry Better Sack or Piled?

Answer: Sacked. Sacking is very easy, and the chimney effect occurs on the pile, resulting in the firewood drying faster than the piling firewood method. 

Should Firewood Be Covered?

Answer: The answer is both yes and no. It depends on what you are covering the firewood with. If you cover the firewood with heavy, sunlight-impenetrable clothes, then a big No, No! However, to save the firewood from water or moisture and ensure they receive proper air circulation, you can wrap up the firewood with plastic wrap.  

Are Dead Trees Good for Firewood?

Answer: Yes. However, one must pay attention to the type of wood they are using to make firewood as well as the condition of the wood. 

Does split firewood burn better?

Answer: Yes. However, the size of the log should also be taken into consideration. In general, split firewood burns faster as well. 


Indeed, when it comes to drying firewood, stacking firewood on pallets is a very effective and needed process. This process allows the firewood to dry properly and saves the firewood from various insects and pets. 

One must check the pallet’s price, size, and condition before buying. 

In addition, before setting up a pallet, please pay attention to the 

  • Height
  • Rows
  • Cover

Stacking up firewood on the pallets is better than stacking it up on the ground. However, the best thing would be if you followed my suggestions (mentioned above) before setting up your pallets!

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