What Size Air Mattress Fits in a 6-Person Tent? (Truth OR Dare)

What Is the Biggest Size Air Mattress

Suppose you are going camping with your friends and of course, a small size or let us 2 person size tent is not going to be enough for you and your friends. You need a 6-person tent, which will be pretty spacious and not ideal for a single or double-size mattress to fit in. Now, what size air mattress fits in a 6-person tent? 

Stay tuned to find the correct answer, my friend!

What Size Air Mattress Fits in a 6-Person Tent? 

The perfect and ideal size air mattress to fix in a 6-person or larger tent is king size (84*72 inches). However, you can fit in a queen-size air mattress as well. A queen-size air mattress will give you enough space to keep your other belongings.

However, for a 6-person tent, the main focus is not on keeping belongings. Instead, it is on fitting and accommodating more people. For this reason, a king-size mattress is more appropriate for a 6- person tent. 

Mattress Size and The Tent Size Compatibility:  

Single47 x 20 in. (Small)72 x 20 in. (Regular)72 x 25 in. (Regular wide)77 x 25 in. (Large)Any size tent.
Double or Twin77 x 50 in.2-person or a larger tent.
Queen80 x 60 in.3-person (not recommended), 4-person Or larger. 
King84 x 72 in.6-person or a larger tent.
Source: PureHiker

It is important to note that tents come in different sizes. Before purchasing, be sure to check the floor dimensions.

Can You Camp With an Air Mattress?

Well, camping with an air mattress depends on the purpose. If the priority is sleeping, then an air mattress is like your best friend forever. However, for other usages, it is not mandatory that you have to keep an air mattress with you when you go camping. 

What Is the Biggest Size Air Mattress?

The biggest air mattress is the king-size air mattress (84×72 inches). The smallest size is known as the Single size air mattress, which is an excellent fit for a single person. Then comes dual size, queen size, and king size. 

King size air matters are usually the best paired with a 6-person tent. 

What Is the Difference Between an Air Mattress and an Air Bed?

An air bed is an extra bag that comes in handy when we are going out traveling and when a guest in our house comes to spend one or two nights (temporarily). On the other hand, an air mattress is filled with air, and the main purpose is sleeping on the floor/ground. 

You can, of course, use an air mattress to sleep on the ground; however, it is not recommended that you use/sleep on an air mattress regularly because it can create many problems such as muscle pain and back pain, etcetera.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long Does an Air Mattress Last if Used Every Day?

Answer: Two to Eight Years. The timeframe is not fixed because the life shelf of an air mattress depends on how you use it. For example, occasional use and taking care of it properly can extend the lasting time.

Does Sleeping on an Air Mattress Make You Colder?

Answer: Yes, it does. An air mattress is a very suitable choice when considering sleeping on the ground. However, there is a drawback that it does not provide insulation. Thus, it makes you feel colder at night.

Why Do Air Mattresses Lose Air Overnight?

Answer: Because of the pressure. An air mattress is full of air. Thus, when you put pressure, it flattens and loses air. In addition, an air mattress design and the temperature play a vital role in air mattress losing air overnight. 

Can You Sleep in a Tent Without a Mattress?

Answer: Yes, you can. An air mattress is an excellent choice for sleeping in a tent. However, please note that it is not mandatory to use an air mattress only. You can also consider using a sleeping pad, bedsheets with extra sheets, or a bean bag. 

Do You Put Sheets on an Air Mattress?

Answer: There is no exact answer because it depends on your choice. It is better to use sheets on an air mattress, especially flat sheets that are great to pair up with an air mattress. 


 Although you can use a queen-size air mattress for your 6 person tent, the perfect and ideal air mattress to fix in a 6 person or larger tent is king-size. This is because it mainly focuses on accommodating more people. 

Camping with an air mattress depends on the purpose. If the priority is sleeping, then an air mattress should be your priority. 

King size air matters are usually the best paired with a 6 person tent and is known as the biggest air mattress. 

An air bed is an extra bag that comes in handy when traveling, and an air mattress is a type filled with air focused on sleeping on the ground

Now that you know about different types of mattresses and different sizes of mattresses and which mattress to pair with what size of the tent, I hope you can choose the right size for both tent and a mattress. 

So, folks, do not waste time and go camping with the correct type/size of both tents and mattresses and enjoy a good night’s sleep! 

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