What Size Tent Fits a Queen Mattress (Answered)

What Size Tent Fits a Queen Mattress (1)

Queen-sized mattresses are great! They are large but compact enough to make a great air mattress for camping adventures!  

And if you have thought about taking a queen-size air mattress with you for camping, you’ve definitely thought, what size tents fit a queen-size mattress? Well, let us help you find the answer! 

What Size Tent Fits A Queen Size Mattress?- Knowing The Measurements;

For a queen-size mattress, the ideal sized tents are 4-person tents and above. Queen-sized mattresses are not small and take up quite a bit of space. So, if you try to fit a queen-size mattress in a 2-person tent, it won’t work. 

If the mattress is bigger than the tent, it will make the tent unstable and possibly break down. When you set up a tent, leaving some floor space is best. And for that, getting a 4-person tent for your queen-size air mattress is better. 

The length and width of queen-size mattresses are 80X60. And most 3-person tents have similar measurements. So, if you try to fit a queen-size mattress in a three-person tent, you’ll have no space left in the tent.

So, get a 4-person tent or above for your queen-size mattress for maximum comfort. 

Choosing The Right Sized Tent For Your Queen Size Mattresses;  

To choose the ideal sized tent for your queen-size mattress, first, you need to go through some basics. Queen-size mattresses are usually 80X60 in height and width. So, any tent you choose for your queen-size mattress needs to be larger. 

For example, let’s take a 3-person tent. Can you fit a queen-size mattress in a 3person tent? Well, you can, but you probably don’t want to. Here’s why; 

3-person tents are usually 80X40 in height and width. So, if you tried to fit a queen-size mattress inside a 3-person tent, you would have zero room space left inside the tent.

This is not good as the tent should have some space to remain stable. And you usually wouldn’t want to be in a tent that’s just all ‘bed.’

So, to choose the right sized tent for your queen-size mattress, you need to choose a larger tent than the mattress itself. You would want to choose a tent that would still have some space left inside after you put the mattress in the tent. 

Can You Fit A Queen Size Mattress In A Four-Person Tent? 

Yes, you can fit a queen-size mattress in a four-person tent! In fact, 4-person tents are great for queen-size mattresses! As we know, queen-size mattresses occupy almost 35 square feet on the ground. For a mattress that large, you need a spacious tent! And a 4-person tent offers that. 

One thing you should keep in mind is to leave some space inside your tent. This helps the tent stay stable and gives you enough floor space. 

Amongst most other choices, 4-person tents make the most sense for queen-size mattresses. If you go lower, the mattress will take up all the space in the tent. And usually, for bigger tents, people prefer a couple of double mattresses. 

So, for a queen-size mattress, a four-person tent is ideal. It’s not only the most comfortable but also the most practical. 

Tips To Make Your Air Mattress Fit Inside Your Tent; 

Camping is an adventure. But the adventurous parts aren’t only hiking and exploring. Setting up a tent and putting an air mattress inside to spend the night is an adventure on its own. 

But that can feel a little tricky sometimes. So, here are a few tips to make your air mattress fit inside your tent: 

1. Tent Styles Matter; 

To fit larger air mattresses, you must ensure you have the right tent style. Our recommendation would be cabin tents or ridge tents. These tents are ideal for larger air mattresses. 

2. Don’t Inflate The Mattress Beforehand; 

Many people inflate their mattresses before putting it inside the tent. This leads to a lot of struggle to get the mattress inside the tent. To avoid this, put the mattress inside the tent first, then inflate it! 

3. Choose The Right Size Of Tent For Your Mattress;

As we’ve discussed, you should always get a tent bigger than the mattress you’re trying to fit inside it. So, if you were trying to fit a queen-size mattress, you’d want to get a four-person tent for maximum comfort. 

Frequently Asked Questions;

Q, Can A Queen Size Mattress Fit In A 2-Person Tent? 

Ans: No, a queen-size mattress would not fit in a 2-person tent as the mattress is much larger than the tent itself. 

Q. Can You Put A Regular Mattress In A Tent?

Ans: It’s not the best idea to put a regular mattress on a camping tent. 

Q. How Big Is A Queen Air Mattress? 

Ans: A queen air mattress is 80X60 in height and width. 

Q. How Big Is A 6-Person Tent?

Ans: 6 Person tents are usually 90/120 square feet. 

Q. What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Camping? 

Ans: Self-inflating camping mattresses are the best type of mattress for camping.


So, can a queen-size mattress fit in a tent? Of course! But the size of the tent needs to be correct. For camping, you would want your tent to have some floor room for comfort. 

For that, get a tent at least as large as a four-person tent or larger. I hope you got the answers you were looking for! And until next time, goodbye!